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Oral Sedation

An appointment to the dentist can cause anxiety and fear. Patients who experience dental fear (phobia) may delay or postpone vital dental appointments, and multiple dental apppointments are generally out of the question. Avoiding your oral health may lead to disease, tooth loss, and overall health issues. However, you can bypass dental phobia with sedation dentistry.

At our office, we provide 3 kinds of sedation: Oral Conscious Sedation, Nitrous Oxide Sedation, and IV Sedation.

IV Sedation - Available upon request

Oral Conscious Sedation involves a prescription taken by mouth before your appointment. This method permits patients to feel comfortable and relaxed in the dental chair, while remaining awake and able to answer the dentist's questions. Although your dental treatment can take hours, you will feel no sense of time passing. Some patients become so at ease that they sleep in the dentist's chair. The effects of the sedative usually withdraw the next day.

Complimentary Nitrous Oxide Sedation involves an odorless, colorless gas inhaled through a nose type mask. Most people recognize nitrous oxide as laughing gas. The dentist will control the amount of nitrous you take in for safety reasons. Once you begin inhaling the gas, you will feel no anxiety, so the dentist can complete your dental work while you remain totally comfortable. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off once we take off your mask, so if nitrous is the only anesthesia you receive, you will be capable of driving yourself home following the appointment and may continue your daily routine as usual.

Who should receive sedation dentistry?

You may want to receive sedation dentistry if:

You are anxious or fearful of dental instruments and dental treatment.

Local anesthetics have less of an effect on you.

You have a sensitive gag reflex.

Sedation dentistry can provide you the comfort you need in order to complete your dental work. You can enjoy a  better self-image, a better quality of life, and improved overall health with a beautiful, healthy smile.