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Restorative and Replacement Dentistry

Dr. Larry A. Braithwaite and his team at Provo Family Dentistry offers the best in professional dental restorations that help you effectively restore your smile to its optimal condition. Dr. Braithwaite’s vast experience, focus on minimizing your discomfort and strong commitment to service makes him one a favorite among Provo dentists and patients alike.

Dental restorations are essentially cosmetic dental procedures that not only deliver you an optimal smile but ensure your continued oral health. When you want teeth that not only look beautiful but that are truly healthy as well, Dr. Braithwaite can do the job.

Restorations That Will Make You Smile

From the simple to the complex, Dr. Larry A. Braithwaite gives you the best of dentistry in Provo with his expert techniques and excellent chair side manner. You will always receive comprehensive consultations so that you understand the work that will be done and are comfortable the whole way through.

Provo Family Dentistry can help you with:

Porcelain veneers

Patients with gaps between teeth or misshapen or chipped teeth can feel self-conscious about their appearance. A veneer is essentially a thin piece of porcelain that is molded to the proper shape of your teeth to provide a completely natural look and feel.

Teeth whitening

Even healthy teeth can become dull or yellowed. We can help you brighten your smile in no time with our professional whitening services.

Tooth-colored fillings

If a mouth full of silver and gold keep you closed-lipped, Dr. Braithwaite can help. Fillings made to provide a natural tooth color can allow you to smile big once again.


Some cavities are too severe to be filled. Crowns can provide an alternative to extractions and the use of porcelain gives you a completely natural look, great comfort and full normal use of the tooth.


In the case of missing teeth, a bridge can help to provide the appearance of teeth where none actually still exist. A bridge uses porcelain for a natural look and provides the necessary support for neighboring teeth, preventing them from becoming misaligned over time.


Implants can be placed into healthy gums and bone and provide the longest-lasting replacement to natural teeth. They are a combination of a titanium screw that secures in the bone and a porcelain cap on the top. They function completely the same and provide maximum comfort and benefit to the jaw bone, gums and other teeth.

When you are seeking a dentist in Provo for restorative care, Dr. Larry A. Braithwaite can offer you a smooth process, friendly and informative help and quality dental results.

Care You Can Feel Good About

Everyone at Provo Family Dentistry is committed to making your visits with us positive ones. We will always greet you with a smile and make sure you understand all treatment procedures. Dr. Braithwaite has more than 35 years of experience in delivering quality care with compassion so you can feel good about your choice.

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