Evelyn K. Gibson

Evelyn K. Gibson was born with Heterotaxy Syndrome, which included severe congenital heart defects.  She spent the first 6 ½ months of her life in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) where she had 4 major surgeries.  Despite having a trach and spending the majority of her life connected to a ventilator, she was active, happy, smart, and silly. Evelyn had a light about her.  She loved animals, her family, being outside, bubbles, and music.

At 2 years old she had a big and complicated open-heart surgery to make her heart function like a normal heart should.  The surgery was successful.  However, 6 months later, Evelyn passed away unexpectedly.  She had an unexplained GI hemorrhage, a hole somewhere that the doctors could not find and just like that she was gone. 

We are completely heartbroken but one thing we know for sure is that the world was a better place with Evelyn in it.  In an attempt to keep her goodness, her bravery, and her joy alive we have set up a foundation in her name.  We hope to do good and spread her light to those that participate as well as to the families walking a similar path as ours.  We hope to bring any relief and encouragement that we can. 

In order to raise money for our cause we have organized a 5k fun run.  All proceeds to go to our non-profit EKG Foundation. The foundation will donate the money to help further congenital heart research so that more can be done to help these sweet heart warriors.  Money will also be donated to the PICU to make life more enjoyable for children and families that have to be there.