Learn about Braces & Interceptive Orthodontics

Do you know much about braces & interceptive orthodontics? You probably said yes to the part about braces, but may not know just what interceptive orthodontics is all about. Generally, it is best to think of it as “phase one” of any orthodontic treatment. It is most often done early in life and is meant to prevent the development of more serious orthodontic issues during the adult years. At Provo Family Dentistry in Provo, Utah we offer family dentistry that also includes preventative treatments as well as braces & interceptive orthodontics options for younger patients.

Understanding Braces & Interceptive Orthodontics

To help you understand the need for braces & interceptive orthodontics options we offer in our dental office, let’s consider a very typical example, the child who sucks their thumb. As their baby teeth emerge, the thumb sucking may cause those teeth to shift out of their natural pathways. As those baby teeth are lost, the new adult teeth may hold the misalignment.

The use of interceptive orthodontics can help your child avoid this unwelcome misalignment. Of course, these treatments are not only for those who once sucked their thumbs! We will suggest interceptive orthodontics and braces for:

  • Patients with overcrowded teeth
  • Patients with baby teeth lost too early
  • Patients with teeth that do not naturally fall out on their own
  • Patients at risk for jaw growth problems
  • Patients whose jaws may be too narrow for teeth to align properly or healthily without intervention

As you can see, it is all about preventing worsening issues, which is why this area of orthodontics is often described as that phase one mentioned earlier. If our team can find ways of preventing issues that might lead to the need for more complicated orthodontics, such as traditional braces or aligners to shift adult teeth, we will offer them to our younger patients.

What Treatments Are Used?

When discussing any need for braces and interceptive orthodontics, our family or preventative dentist will often recommend options such as headgear worn for ten to 12 hours per day, palatal expansion appliances, fixed functional appliances and braces. The goal of most treatments is simply to reduce the severity of any anticipated issues.

Naturally, no two patients are alike, and it is imperative to visit our dental office to discuss your concerns or needs with our team. It may be that your child requires one-phase treatment to avoid further issues. However, it may just as easily be that your child will require two phases that begin with the interceptive orthodontics and then move on to more complete orthodontic treatment, such as retainers and classic braces.

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