Provo Family Dental is pleased to announce we are adding Botox® to our list of comprehensive services. Botox® treatments are a natural extension to the dental services we already provide. Dr. Flick exercises a detailed understanding of facial anatomy and offers years of experience administrating Botox®.

Night Guards

Did you know that millions of people spend their sleeping hours tightly clenching their teeth and jaws? Known as bruxism, it can cause a host of unwelcome issues and changes in the mouth. Not only can it cause the teeth to fracture but it can also alter the natural bite, and this can create a long list of subsequent problems. Night guards can alleviate the risks caused by this pattern.

There are also millions of people who snore throughout the night, and whether it is due to sleep apnea or simple snoring, night guards can also alleviate this very problematic condition.

We are glad to discuss the different types of night guards available and determine whether they are the right solution for your needs. All options are comfortable and safe to wear throughout the night and will not interfere with normal breathing, and most will improve sleep even as they encourage better oral health.

Children’s Dentistry

Did you know that children can make their first visit to the family dentist as soon as their first birthday? When kids have several erupted teeth, it is a perfectly fine moment to bring them for an exam. Not only does this get them used to and familiar with the dentist, but it allows our team to ensure your child’s teeth are coming in properly and that you know how to clean their teeth and gums.

A children’s dentist is radically different than a general dentist. Not only do they have a unique sphere of expertise, but they also should be familiar with the issues so common with kids. Our team and office is kid-friendly, and as a family dentistry provider, we are glad to help kids enjoy a very positive first experience at the dental office. Set the stage for a lifetime of good oral health habits by introducing your children to our specialized treatments designed just for our youngest patients.

Laser Dentistry

Does the idea of dental work without injections appeal? Does the idea of getting a filling without any drill appeal? What about a pain-free experience? These options are entirely possible thanks to the creation of laser dentistry. In our office, we use the very latest laser technologies for a wide range of treatments. Not only are we using the amazing Waterlase and Epic Laser treatments, but we also use Biolase, laser cavity detection and laser whitening.

Why such a focus on lasers? Not only are they far more accurate when removing enamel and tissue, but they can also operate without creating the heat and vibration that causes such pain during treatment. Without this pain, we can offer some treatments free of injections, too. If you are eager to learn if our laser technologies can help you experience dentistry like never, don’t hesitate to ask about the general, preventative, cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments we make available.


If you wake with sore teeth and jaw joints each morning, it could be that you are suffering from bruxism, or teeth grinding. If you struggle with headaches that seem to appear out of the blue, it might relate to your bruxism or to another, more challenging issue.

Unfortunately, the symptoms above are rarely isolated and are often associated with a condition known as TMJ/TMD. It has to do with the temporomandibular joint and is a disorder that causes it to lock open or closed, cause difficulty during eating and speaking, and can manifest as pain in the jaw, head, ears, neck and upper back.

What causes it? Experts are unclear just what causes patients to suffer from the long list of symptoms associated with TMJ/TMD, but as it is such a heavily used joint, it must be treated quickly and effectively. In our specialized treatment options, we make several TMJ/TMD treatments available. From night guards to therapy, we can discuss what is best for you.

Oral Surgery

There are so many reasons our patients may require some sort of surgical intervention or treatment. When getting dental implants, for example, they may require a sinus lift or some sort of bone grafting. When dealing with periodontal issues, they may need to have some tissue removed for healing to continue. Patients may require extractions of various kinds, and this too is considered a form of oral surgery.

As your family dental provider, we make a long list of oral surgery options available. Our team is highly skilled in the latest advances and technologies, and if your treatment plan will be enhanced using oral surgery, we will discuss it with you. Because we make sedation dentistry available too, we can ensure that any oral surgery will be as stress-free and relaxed as possible. When your dental issues require oral surgery, it is best not to wait, and our team can offer you education, support and answers from beginning to end.

Sedation Dentistry

Though we know there is nothing to fear about modern dental treatments, that does not mean that dental anxiety is non-existent. Millions of people fear dental treatment to such an extent that they will skip even basic dental exams and cleanings. This can be caused by so many issues, including early life experiences that left a very bad feeling, fear of needles or dental equipment, or simple anxiety from placing control of your mouth and health into the hands of another.

Fortunately, we understand how real dental anxiety can be, and to ensure that all our patients obtain the treatments required, we offer a full array of sedation dentistry solutions. In the office, we can provide nitrous oxide (commonly called laughing gas) which will relax a patient to such an extent that they may feel like napping. Patients do not easily recall treatment and yet recover almost as soon as the small mask is removed. We also make oral sedation available via prescription medications. A patient takes the prescription just before arriving and will be completely relaxed before, during and after treatment is over. This enables our team to provide one or more treatments and for a patient to experience no anxiety or upset.

Sleep Apnea / Snoring

For patients diagnosed with the dangerous condition known as sleep apnea or OSA, or for those who are tired of waking from intense bouts of snoring, we offer sleep apnea and snoring treatment. We can provide different kinds of night guards that offer a better alignment between the upper and lower guard. This keeps airways wide open, and is a comfortable and effective way to combat this problem.

Safe Amalgam Removal

Old-fashioned fillings are also known as amalgam fillings. They are not the best fillings to depend on as they can weaken over time, leach potentially dangerous compounds into the body, and demand too much material to be removed from the tooth. Therefore, we use a safe amalgam removal treatment and provide such alternative solutions as composite fillings, inlays or onlays and dental crowns.

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