Dental Bridges

Precisely as they sound, dental bridges are made to bridge a gap between natural teeth. We will suggest them to patients missing one or more consecutive teeth, but there are some conditions that must first be met. The patient who receives a dental bridge will need the teeth at both ends of the bridge to work as abutments. This means the bridge will be permanently attached to the teeth. Because this can put untold wear and tear on the two teeth, we will often provide patients with dental crowns over the two natural teeth, and then rely on this durable material to hold the bridge in place.

With a bridge, a patient can eat their traditional diet, speak like they have always spoken and forget their worries about their surrounding teeth moving into the spaces left by the loss of teeth. This restores the bite and preserves the condition of the entire mouth.

Dental Crowns

Another way to preserve an adult tooth that has sustained damage due to decay, disease or injury, dental crowns act as a rugged and long-lasting shield over the tooth. Crafted to look exactly like a natural tooth, a dental crown is made in a lab and created specifically to your bite. It will provide you with many years of service, comfort and protection.

Dental Implants

Restoring your bite is possible even if you have lost some teeth. We can provide dental implants that replace the entire tooth, including the roots. Preserving oral health and preventing gum and jawbone recession. We have the skill to offer single tooth, multi-tooth and even all on 4 implants, implant dentures and implant supported bridges.


If you have lost multiple teeth, or even all of them, and you are not a good candidate for a standard bridge, then dentures are a wonderful form of restorative dentistry. We can custom order full or partial dentures that look natural, fit perfectly and offer flawless performance when eating or speaking. If you wish to preserve the gum and bone tissue, we have options for implant supported dentures that combine the benefits of implants with the ease and comfort of dentures.

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