Discover the Many Benefits of Dental Crowns

When our patients think of dental crowns, most view them as part of traditional dental care and something used when a tooth is broken, heavily decayed or treated with a root canal. While all those things are true, there are many benefits to crowns, also called caps, and it is why we want all of our patients at The Dental Edge in Provo, Utah to know more about them.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are not like traditional crowns worn on the head. The latter are bands of precious metal that fit around the head, but not always covering the entire top of it. With dental crowns, however, the entire tooth is sheltered beneath a very durable and long lasting cover. Typically made of porcelain fused to a long-lasting metal, they look just like your other natural teeth and allow you to retain a tooth that would have otherwise been lost to damage, disease, or decay.

There are many reasons a general dentist will suggest crowns.

  • They can be used when a tooth is severely decayed and a traditional filling will not give it adequate support.
  • Crowns are often used when an old amalgam filling is removed and when too much of the original tooth has been removed to place the original filling.
  • They are used, quite often, during root canal therapy as much of the crown is removed to access the root.
  • Crowns are used when a tooth has fractured and cannot be restored through bonding or a filling.
  • They are used when a patient is getting a dental bridge and the natural teeth are not strong enough to serve as abutments without first being fitted with crowns.
  • A crown is the finishing touch to a dental implant.
  • Crowns are even cosmetic dentistry when a tooth is deeply stained or esthetically flawed.

Of course, we love them because they allow us to treat a damaged or decayed tooth while also restoring it to its fullest function. Keeping adult teeth is a tremendously important choice as it ensures your long term oral health and well-being.

Caring for Crowns

In addition to crowns offering such a flexible and optimal solution to so many issues, they are also very easy to take care of over the long term. Just brush and floss like normal, get regular cleanings and checkups and report any changes or issues to our dental office immediately. They are such an effective way of restoring a tooth to its former strength and function that our patients can typically rely upon them for at least 20 years or more.

Contact Our Restorative Dentist to Learn More

Like other treatments, such as veneers, crowns are unable to be whitened and are resistant to stains. This is something to consider if using them as a cosmetic solution, and something to discuss with a cosmetic dentist in our dentist office. Now that you know a bit more about dental crowns, it is time to talk with a dentist in Provo, UT about the treatment. Get in touch with us today by calling 801-373-2693 or by visiting our contact form.