Waterlase Laser technology

At Provo Family Dentistry in Provo, Utah, we provide a comprehensive array of dental treatments and services. With general, cosmetic, preventative and restorative options available, we are a dental office where most of your needs can be met. To ensure we can offer our patients the greatest treatments, our dentist office is also packed with the very latest technologies. Chosen to make your care as effective as possible, many of our technologies also allow you to experience faster, painless and more precise treatments.

Intraoral Cameras

Imagine the benefits of a close-up, zoom image of a precise area of the mouth. For example, an area where teeth are overcrowded or where there is an issue suspected. If our dentist can take a magnified look at that area, in real time and projected in an easy to see view on a modern display, it would certainly make treatment easier and more effective, wouldn’t it? This is exactly what we can achieve with intraoral cameras. These tiny devices fit easily inside of the mouth and allow our dentist to zoom in on specific areas in full color and high definition imagery. This is a powerful tool for rapid and accurate diagnostics and can be used to address a long list of potential issues. Of course, they are remarkably useful to patients as well, since we can use them to educate patients about the need for certain treatments or dental hygiene issues.

Digital X-Rays

People over the age of 40 are likely to think of dental x-rays as an uncomfortable, prolonged and even difficult procedure. The use of awkward bite wings and higher radiation technologies are a thing of the past, and in our office, we use digital x-rays. With 90% less radiation exposure to the patient, digital x-rays also have no need to be developed, and instead are projected immediately onto the display in the office. This allows our dental team to get up to the minute and highly accurate imagery.

We use digital x-rays as part of your regular exams as well as a form of diagnostic tool. Taking just minutes to complete, they enable both the dental team and the patient to clearly see and understand the current conditions in the teeth and jaw. They create much less waste, offer tremendous comfort to the patient and provide a much higher quality image, they can also be easily forwarded to specialists if a patient is suffering from a treatment that requires a specialized level of care.

Laser Technologies

We recognize the many benefits of lasers in dentistry and offer several of the very latest and finest options. Lasers can be used for cosmetic treatments like whitening, but we also have the innovative Epic Laser that is a diode laser capable of performing whitening, soft tissue surgeries and even support pain therapies. We also have the now famous Waterlase that allows us to perform many common procedures without the need for anesthetics (i.e. needles). Rather than using a drill that creates heat, friction, vibration and many kinds of damage, the Waterlase technology uses only a laser to remove infected or decayed tissue. This technology preserves tissue and leads to much less bleeding in addition to being painless and quick.

DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection

Lasers are also great for diagnostic procedures, and we use the DIAGNOdent laser system for detecting caries. Caries is the official term used to describe tooth decay, and though many patients believe it is easy to find signs of tooth decay, it can be a very difficult task. The use of a tool like DIAGNOdent, however, ensures that we can find them at their earliest stages and in some of the most challenging spots.

In fact, this is one of our technologies that can even diagnose hidden caries throughout the mouth. Noted for being 90% accurate, it is minimally invasive and patients find it a remarkably comfortable way to combat lesions and caries on the teeth. We all know that treating any condition early in its progression is a great way to defeat it, and this is true of dental decay. Using this laser technology is one way we offer patients the earliest treatment possible.


Another of the unique technologies we have at work in our office is CariVu. This is an entirely new and innovative approach to finding the most hidden caries and lesions. It uses a near-infrared light that bathes the tooth from top to bottom, making it appear nearly transparent. This type of light affects caries and porous lesions in a unique way. They trap the light and really stand out from the rest of the healthy tooth structure. This gives our dental team a pin-point accurate view of some of the most well-hidden and difficult to discover issues.

In addition to using this technology to discover decay, it is a fantastic way to find cracks in the teeth as well. This can be useful for diagnosing many other issues, including the impact of bruxism or gauging the aftermath of an injury. If traditional laser diagnostics cannot support a full treatment, this technology is readily available.

Experience Our Dental Technology for Yourself

Clearly, we are dedicated to the latest in dental technology, and if you are eager to discover if it can help you, just plan a visit to our Provo, UT office. Get in touch with us today by calling 801-375-4600 or by visiting our contact page.