Consider Safe Amalgam Removal Options

Do you have old amalgam fillings? These are the darkly colored, metallic fillings that are so commonly questioned for their lack of durability, their safety and their unappealing looks. Fortunately, at Provo Family Dentistry in Provo, Utah we offer safe amalgam removal that includes restoring a tooth with veneers, inlays or onlays, a composite filing or porcelain crowns as needed.

Why Remove Amalgam?

Of course, many patients ask why they should consider safe amalgam removal at all? Why not just leave the fillings in place? There are several answers to those questions. Firstly, amalgam materials require much more of the original tooth material (enamel or pulp) to be removed to place the filling. Removing this much material really weakens the tooth and leaves it vulnerable to breaking later.

The fillings themselves were never as hard or durable as modern composite materials. Over time, an amalgam filling could succumb to pressure from the downward forces of biting, expanding and flattening outward. This would then allow a tooth, already weakened by the removal of natural enamel or pulp, to fracture or further decay.

There are even questions about the amalgam materials and their overall safety, with many worrying that the metals in them are unsafe for long term exposure.

So, what is the alternative? We have safe amalgam removal options that are both restorative and cosmetic. When you choose them, you are going to end up with a tooth that looks just like a natural tooth and which is much stronger than it was with the outdated amalgam filling in place. After all, any treatment option following the removal of amalgam is going to involve bonding and the use of porcelain and other strong materials. This stabilizes the tooth and ensures many years of function.

When to Remove Amalgam Fillings

If you pay a visit to our cosmetic dentist or restorative dentist because of an issue related to an old amalgam filling, they are going to discuss options for effective and safe amalgam removal, and then consider the ways that the tooth can be restored. Remember, if you remove a filling, it leaves the tooth vulnerable to further decay. It should first be assessed and treated as needed. Then our dental team can review the right option for restoring the tooth.

Replacing outdated fillings with an inlay or onlay, a porcelain crown or a veneer is going to ensure the tooth remains functional and esthetically appealing.

Which is the right answer? Finding the answer begins with your visit to our dental office. There we can determine if this is a cosmetic dentistry issue or one that is about restoring the tooth because the old filling is failing or has allowed further damage or decay.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Safe Amalgam Removal

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