Laser Dentistry

Introducing the revolutionary “drill-less” dentist experience! Dr. Wilson and Dr. Flick use the cutting-edge technology of WaterLase to cut down or even eliminate drills, needles and pain from your dental visit. The WaterLase combines the technology of water, air and laser energy for safe, effective, and virtually painless dental experience on many procedures. The laser energizes the water molecules in the teeth to cut through the tooth, utilizing a continual stream of water to cool and hydrate the tooth as it works, so it doesn’t heat it. The Waterlase works with single-use, disposable tips without direct contact to the tooth, and is completely sanitary, safe and precise without any drilling.

Regular dental drills use grinding friction and remove more of the tooth than is necessary. The WaterLase is so precise that it targets only the damaged bit of the tooth, preserving the rest healthy and intact. Because it is so precise, patients use less, or no anesthetic. No longer will you have to leave the dentist with a numb, drooping face, or ache for hours from the drilling. You won’t even have to hear the dreaded squeal of the drill beside your ear, and best of all, no needles! All this, for no extra cost—So come visit Dr. Wilson and Dr. Flick, and see what everyone talking about! For more information, see: