Benefits of Periodontics

Benefits of Periodontics

Do you know about the risks associated with gum disease? Unfortunately, it is not something that worries many, but it is an issue severe enough that it can lead you to lose your teeth. It impacts overall health and wellness, and at Provo Family Dentistry in Provo, UT we always encourage our patients to understand or discover the many benefits of periodontics.

Periodontics looks at the tissue and structures that surround and support your teeth. In other words, it focuses on your gums and jaw. As a preferred dentist in Provo, we offer gum treatment of many different kinds, and all of them are designed to support the health and well-being of the teeth and gums. Often it takes us explaining the many benefits of periodontics to help a patient recognize the importance of our gum treatment options.

Are you aware of the benefits of periodontics? Let’s take just a few moments to explore three key areas:

Disease prevention

One of the most significant benefits of periodontics is the fact that some of the gum disease treatments can prevent the disease from occurring, re-occurring or beginning in the first place. Once you have thorough gum treatment, the tissue is going to be free of the bacteria that could cause issues and the teeth will be in prime shape for supporting gum health.


With our periodontal treatments, your teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned. Not only does this help fight disease, but it also means that your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible. No bacteria in the gum tissue means no risks to overall health, and no bacteria also means your teeth and gums remain free of challenges over the long term.


Of course, the main benefit of periodontics is that it restores function to the mouth through its ability to strengthen gum and tooth tissue. For example, pain may have allowed someone to chew differently, but periodontics ends pain and restores function.

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