Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you have heard complaints about your chronic snoring, even if they are lighthearted and humorous, you should be sure that it is “just” snoring. Interestingly enough, snoring is often a sign of a much greater issue called sleep apnea, and it can lead to serious health issues, injuries and more. This is why the team here at Provo Family Dentistry in Provo, UT wants patients to understand the benefits of sleep apnea treatment as it can tremendously improve quality of life.

Visiting a Sleep Apnea Dentist

As your dentist in Provo, we cannot actually diagnose whether you have some form of sleep apnea. We encourage anyone experiencing severe daytime fatigue and drowsiness, high blood pressure, obesity and heart issues to consider if these are all related to disrupted sleep from sleep apnea and speak to their regular doctor. They can send you to a sleep clinic where the condition can be formally diagnosed.

Is it that important? In a word: yes. After all, OSA (the most common type of sleep apnea) is Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This means that your breathing is obstructed throughout the night. It takes gasping for breath to restore respiration, and obviously, this means that the benefits of sleep apnea treatment mean far more safety and health.

With your diagnosis, you can book a visit and discuss options for treating your sleep apnea. Typically it will involve oral appliance therapy or a small and safe appliance you put over your teeth before bed. It holds the airway open and ensures good sleep without all of the health risks caused by sleep apnea.

Reduce daytime fatigue, a risk for heart attack and stroke, cut chances of diabetes and accidents—these are but some of the benefits of sleep apnea treatment.

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