ClearCorrect Overview

ClearCorrect Overview

If you hide your otherwise healthy smile because of crooked or gapped teeth, it is time to consider some orthodontics. If the idea of wearing braces makes you cringe, you don’t have to go that route. You can opt for something like ClearCorrect and get the same, desirable outcome. At Provo Family Dentistry in Provo, UT, we offer this unique and innovative alternative to classic orthodontics, and encourage any patients interested in a straighter smile to read more about ClearCorrect treatment.

What is ClearCorrect?

You might have already learned about the use of invisible aligner trays that slowly straighten and correct the smile, and all without anyone even knowing about it. The ClearCorrect we offer is one of these approaches to orthodontics. They are not invisible braces because they do not involve the use of brackets or wires, but they do straighten the teeth in the same way. They use constant pressure and force to adjust the positions of the teeth and will create permanent changes.

How Do They Work?

If you are interested in getting ClearCorrect, we will have you come in for a consultation. At that time, we will assess your issues to be sure the trays can work for your needs. If so, and if your teeth and gums have no need for any restorations (such as fillings or root canals), we can take impressions and images to send to a lab. The lab uses high tech computer software to build a three dimensional model of your mouth. Then, this model is used to design a series of trays that will slowly adjust your teeth to a much better position.

You begin with starter trays that help you get acclimated to wearing them 22 hours per day (you can remove them to eat and clean the teeth). Then you are given a set of trays to wear for roughly two weeks before moving on to the next. You will visit us for periodic reviews and obtain the next sets of clear aligners.

In as little as six months to a year, you can have a much healthier and more attractive smile. No one will know you are even wearing the ClearCorrect trays, and you won’t have to change your diet, the way you speak or your oral hygiene routine.

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