Root Canal Overview

Root Canal Overview

What is one of the biggest myths in the world of dentistry? Most dentists would say that all of the negative hype and worry around root canals would rank towards the top of the list. After all, this treatment is straightforward, reliable, and brings major pain and dental troubles to an end. This is why we at Provo Family Dentistry in Provo, UT encourage all of our patients to read up on root canals and bring the harmful myths to an end.

Endodontics and You

The specialized area of dentistry in which root canals reside is known as endodontics. And when you visit us for this treatment, you will be in the skilled hands of our endodontists. They are going to provide treatment that is quite similar to a standard filling. The only difference is that the root canal is going to remove damaged nerve tissue in addition to any untreated tooth decay that has caused the infection inside of the tooth.

Your endodontist will numb the tooth, meaning you feel absolutely nothing. They will then remove the damaged tooth material and tissue. They then treat the interior of the tooth to bring any further pain or decay to an end and then seal it with a new crown. Most patients will have a temporary crown until their custom-made crown returns from a lab. Some patients may not even need this and will have a traditional, tooth colored restoration done.

Understanding the Myths Around Root Canals

So, why do root canals have such horrible reputations? Perhaps it is because most people are viewing them through a very old-fashioned perspective. Maybe they had this treatment many years ago and were not lucky enough to live in the age of digital x-rays and laser tools? Maybe they did not have a skilled endodontist providing their care?

Fortunately, technologies have advanced dramatically and today it is possible for our team to use the very latest innovations to eliminate any of the issues that once made root canals a more time-consuming process.  We can restore the tooth as quickly as possible, and your pain and discomfort will come to an end even before the treatment is finished.

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