Periodontics Overview

Periodontics Overview

Gum disease is a term that many of our patients at Provo Family Dentistry in Provo, UT understand, but when we use the term periodontics, many are not so sure just what sorts of treatments we are discussing. This is why we want to offer this brief periodontics overview in order to ensure that all of our patients understand the importance of this crucial area of dental treatment.

A Brief Periodontics Overview

The easiest way to open any periodontics overview is to explain just what periodontics is. It is the area of dentistry that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of any diseases of the tissues that support or surround the teeth (or substitute teeth). This means the gum tissue and the jaw bones. It also involves the upkeep of the health, function, and looks of the tissue.

This is far more important than many people realize, and to put it as plainly as possible: If you don’t provide yourself with adequate gum and bone health, you are not likely to be able to keep all of your teeth throughout your entire life.

If you find yourself with serious gum or jaw issues, you need to have proper gum treatment or periodontics care and restore them to optimal health.

How to Get Periodontal Care

Another reason we feel this periodontics overview is important is because it will help you recognize just why your once or twice annual cleanings are so important. During your treatment, our team is going to look at the health of your teeth and gums. They’ll scout out any early signs of gum disease and let you know if you require further, specialized care.

While many view this care as gum treatment or non-surgical intervention, the truth is that a periodontist may have to provide such steps as gum grafting, pocket reduction, scaling or planing the teeth to eliminate major buildup or infection, and even some regenerative procedures that support such things as dental implants. In fact, many patients hoping to have dental implants find they need the help of periodontics prior to the procedure due to a lack of adequate bone to support the implant.

Contact Our Dentist in Provo for Periodontics

Hopefully, this periodontics overview has helped you understand how important proper oral hygiene is, and if you have questions or concerns, it is time to talk with your preferred dentist at Provo Family Dentistry in Provo about it. Get in touch with us today by calling 801-375-4600 or by visiting our contact page.