Dental Crowns Overview


It is too easy to overlook dental crowns as one of the most beneficial dental repair and restoration options. After all, they are so commonly used that we might forget just how durable, effective and useful they are. At Provo Family Dentistry in Provo, UT, we offer crowns to patients for many different reasons.

Why You Might Need Dental Crowns

Most patients believe that dental crowns are used only when the upper portion of a tooth, the crown, has been damaged by decay or injury. This is not exactly the case, and crowns are a form of restorative dentistry because they provide an array of solutions that each restores the mouth to its fullest function. For example, we offer dental crowns for patients with:

  • Damaged teeth that have been cracked or broken and require a permanent fix

  • Decayed teeth that require too much of the pulp or tissue removed to remain stable without some sort of protective cover

  • Bridges that require the support of two healthy teeth at each end, and yet one or both teeth will not offer that support

  • Cosmetically flawed teeth that cannot be addressed through any other method than a crown that covers the entire tooth

  • Root canals that are often finished with a new crown

  • Dental implants that must have a new crown to replace the lost tooth

As you can see, they are a remarkable answer to a diversity of issues. However, for the most part, all dental crowns are made the same way.

Making a Crown

As your preferred dentist in Provo, we will suggest a crown if it means it will ensure you enjoy the fullest use from the tooth possible. To prepare the tooth, we typically remove the decay or damaged area and reduce it to a size over which a new crown will fit. We make special molds to be sure it fits just like before, and we make certain it is colored exactly the same color as the neighboring teeth.

We will send your molds to our lab, and provide you with a temporary crown until your new one is returned. We bond the new crown to the tooth and you can begin to use it just as you had the original, natural tooth. Regular cleanings and oral checkups are still required, and you will be able to enjoy pain-free use of that tooth for years to come.

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