Dental Bridge Overview


A dental bridge is exactly as it sounds – a span of teeth that cross a gap between two natural teeth. At Provo Family Dentistry in Provo, UT, we offer a large array of restorative dentistry options, including dental bridges. However, not a lot of our patients are aware of the many benefits that can be gained from the use of a dental bridge, and so we provide this overview to be sure the importance of this dental solution.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Let’s say you lost two molars in the bottom jaw. These are side by side and hidden towards the back of the mouth. You may not believe they are essential to your oral health or you might think replacing them is a cosmetic issue, but you would be in error. The use of a dental bridge is considered part of restorative dentistry because it will help you to regain the use of your teeth to the fullest extent possible. This means you can eat, speak and look as you have always done, but it also means you are chewing food more efficiently and using a bridge to hold the remaining natural teeth in their proper places.

After all, the loss of one or more teeth means that the remaining teeth can begin to shift, loosen and fall out of their natural, healthy alignment. This can lead to a huge number of problems that might include decay caused by exposure, chipping or cracking, grinding the teeth, jaw issues, and bone and gum tissue loss. Many of these things are amended through the use of the bridge.

We can offer you what is known as a fixed bridge, and it will be anchored in place by two healthy permanent teeth at each end. Typically, we will put a dental crown on each of the anchor teeth to ensure no damage is done to them. If, however, those teeth are not healthy enough, we might suggest dental implants to replace them, and then we will use the dental bridge to fill in the gap.

While dentures are always an answer, the longevity and durability of bridges cannot be overlooked. They keep the remaining teeth healthier and in place and will provide years of good service.

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